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look for the alchemy potion faq page

                         ~incomplete alchemy chart:  ~


First (if eaten) Second Third Fourth
Alit Hide Drain Intelligence Resist Poison Telekinesis Detect Animal
Ampoule Pod Water Walking Paralyze Detect Animal Drain Willpower
Ash Salts Drain Agility Resist Magicka Cure Blight Disease Resist Magicka
Ash Yam Fortify Intelligence Fortify Strength Resist Common Disease Detect Key
Bittergreen Petals Restore Intelligence Invisibility Drain Endurance Drain Magicka
Black Anther Drain Agility Resist Fire Drain Endurance Light
Black Lichen Drain Strength Resist Frost Drain Speed Cure Poison
Bloat Drain Magicka Fortify Intelligence Fortify Willpower Detect Animal
Bonemeal Restore Agility Telekinesis Drain Fatigue Drain Personality
Bungler's Bane Drain Speed Drain Endurance Dispel Drain Strength
Chokeweed Drain Luck Restore Fatigue Cure Common Disease Drain Willpower
Coda Flower Drain Personality Levitate Drain Intelligence Drain Health
Comberry Drain Fatigue Restore Magicka Fire Shield Reflect
Corkbulb Root Cure Paralyzation Restore Health Lightning Speed Fortify Luck
Corprus Weepings Drain Fatigue Fortify Luck Drain Willpower Restore Health
Corpusmeat Drain Fatigue Drain Health Drain Magicka
Crab Meat Restore Fatigue Resist Shock Lightning Shield Restore Luck
Daedra Skin Fortify Strength Cure Common Disease Paralyze Swift Swim
Daedra's Heart Restore Magicka Fortify Endurance Drain Agility Night-Eye
Diamond Drain Agility Invisibility Reflect Detect Key
Dreugh Wax Fortify Strength Restore Strength Drain Luck Drain Willpower
Ectoplasm Fortify Agility Detect Animal Drain Strength Drain Health
Emerald Fortify Magicka Restore Health Drain Agility Drain Endurance
Fire Petal Resist Fire Drain Health Spell Absorption Paralyze
Fire Salts Drain Health Fortify Agility Resist Frost Fire Shield
Frost Salts Drain Speed Restore Magicka Frost Shield Resist Fire
Ghoul Heart Paralyze Cure Poison Fortify Attack
Gold Kanet Drain Health Burden Drain Luck Restore Strength
Gravedust Drain Intelligence Cure Common Disease Drain Magicka Restore Endurance
Green Lichen Fortify Personality Cure Common Disease Drain Strength Drain Health
Guar Hide Drain Fatigue Fortify Endurance Restore Personality Fortify Luck
Hackle-Lo Leaf Restore Fatigue Paralyze Water Breathing Restore Luck
Heather Restore Personality Feather Drain Speed Drain Personality
Hound Meat Restore Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Reflect Detect Enchantment
Hypha Facia Drain Luck Drain Agility Drain Fatigue Detect Enchantment
Kagouti Hide Drain Fatigue Fortify Speed Resist Common Disease Night-Eye
Kresh Fiber Restore Luck Fortify Personality Drain Magicka Drain Speed
Kwama Cuttle Resist Poison Drain Fatigue Water Walking Water Breathing
Large Kwama Egg Restore Fatigue Paralyze Frost Shield Fortify Health
Luminous Russula Water Breathing Drain Fatigue Poison
Marshmerrow Restore Health Detect Enchantment Drain Willpower Drain Fatigue
Moon Sugar Fortify Speed Dispel Drain Endurance Drain Luck
Muck Drain Intelligence Detect Key Drain Personality Cure Common Disease
Netch Leather Fortify Endurance Fortify Intelligence Drain Personality Cure Paralyzation
Pearl Drain Agility Dispel Water Breathing Resist Common Disease
Racer Plumes Drain Willpower Levitate
Rat Meat Drain Magicka Paralyze Cure Poison Resist Poison
Raw Ebony Drain Agility Cure Poison Frost Shield Restore Speed
Raw Glass Drain Intelligence Drain Strength Drain Speed Fire Shield
Red Lichen Drain Speed Light Cure Common Disease Drain Magicka
Resin Restore Health Restore Speed Burden Resist Common Disease
Roobrush Drain Willpower Fortify Agility Drain Health Cure Poison
Ruby Drain Health Feather Restore Intelligence Drain Agility
Saltrice Restore Fatigue Fortify Magicka Drain Strength Restore Health
Scales Drain Personality Water Walking Restore Endurance Swift Swim
Scamp Skin Drain Magicka Cure Paralyzation Restore Personality Restore Strength
Scathecraw Drain Strength Cure Poison Drain Health Restore Willpower
Scrap Metal Drain Health Lightning Shield Resist Shock Restore Intelligence
Scrib Jelly Fortify Willpower Cure Poison Cure Blight Disease Restore Willpower
Scrib Jerky Restore Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Burden Swift Swim
Scuttle Restore Fatigue Fortify Fatigue Feather Telekinesis
Shalk Resin Drain Fatigue Fortify Health Drain Personality Fortify Speed
Sload Soap Drain Personality Fortify Agility Fire Shield Restore Agility
Spore Pod Drain Strength Drain Fatigue Detect Key Paralyze
Stoneflower Petals Restore Strength Fortify Magicka Drain Luck Fortify Personality
Trama Root Restore Willpower Levitate Drain Magicka Drain Speed
Vampire Dust Fortify Health Fortify Strength Spell Absorption Vampirism
Violet Corprinus Water Walking Drain Fatigue Poison
Void Salts Restore Magicka Spell Absorption Paralyze Drain Endurance
Wickwheat Restore Health Fortify Willpower Paralyze Damage Intelligence
Willow Anther Drain Personality Frost Shield Cure Common Disease Cure Paralyzation