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Where to find those "hard to find" items / MAPS
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Can't find that damn Dwemer Puzzlebox? that's ok, take a look at this link, it has a map and step-by-step directions :)

                        ~Location of the Chrysamere~

Go to Abanabi,find Draramu Hloran and kill her,
on her body, you will find Chrysamere.
Type: Long, Two Hand Chop: 5 - 70 Slash: 5 - 60 Thrust: 5 - 40
Condition: 6000 / 6000 Weight: 60.0 Value: 95,000
Cast When Used
Resist Fire 5 to 20% for 30 secs on Self
Restore Health 5 to 20 pts on Self
Reflect 5 to 20% for 30 secs on Self
Charge: 1140 / 1140


    ~Location of the 10k merchant Mud Crab~


                          ~Location of Umbra~
Type: Long, Two Hand, Chop: 10 - 50 Slash: 10 - 45 Thrust: 10 - 40
Condition: 6500 / 6500 Weight: 40.0 Value: 110,000
Cast When Used
Soultrap for 120 secs on Target Charge: 90 / 90


       ~Location of the Dragonbone Curiass~
Note: look for an underwater enterance
Armour Rating: 333
Condition: 3000 / 3000 Weight: 50.0 (Heavy) Value:180,000
Constant Effect
Resist Fire 100% on Self

*note: you will need to breath water AND be able to open 100 locks, either by spell/potion/scroll

             ~Location of the sheid Eldion's Ward~
Armour Rating: 333
Condition: 2000 / 2000Weight: 30.0 (Heavy)Value:200,000
Cast When Used:
Restore Health 50 to 100 pts on Self , Charge: 95 / 95


In the last room of this cave ,save, then dive into the water,(once in the water u have the choice to go 2 ways) -swim to the left (under the rocks)to find a chest with the key to the  ruin's alter. Swim to the right- (under the rocks)  surface and look for a door near the dremora's. go inside, on an alter there will be a skeleton with lots of DAEDRIC stuff around him, look high up above the skeleton, the sheild will be hanging there. open 100 lock is needed to enter the ruins alter room, but if have they key this is no problem...