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Send me your ideas for a new custom class,

RANGER~ (submitted by:Griffyn)
specialization: combat - favourite attributes: strength, agility
Major Skills
Marksman - Long Blade - Light Armor - Medium Armor - Athletics
Minor Skills
Mysticism - Conjuration - Heavy Armor - Acrobatics - Block

Adventurer- (submitted by: Axel)
Specialization: combat
Favorite attributes: strength, endurance
Major skills: Long blade, block, light armor, security, athletics
Minor skills: Acrobatics, short blade,  heavy armor, armorer, sneak

 Orc Champion(submitted by: Astroth Vander)
specialization: combat - Sign: The lady
Favorite attributes: strength, Endurance
Major Skills:
Heavy armor-armorer-security-medium armor-speechcraft
Minor Skills