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~Secret Training Masters~
Town House/Location Name Notes
Acrobatics Vivec Arena Canton Waistworks, Fighter's Guild Senyndie  
Alchemy Valenvaryon Stronhold Propylon Chamber Abelle Chriditte  
Alteration Tel Branora Seryne Relas' House Seryne Relas  
Armorer Ebonheart Hawkmoth Legion Garrison Sirollus Saccus Does not give the option to train. Possible bug?
Athletics Kaushtabibi Camp Adibael's Yurt Adibael Hainnabibi  
Axe Falensarano Stronhold Upper Level Alfhedil Elf-Hewer  
Block Buckmoth Legion Fort Courtyard Shardie  
Blunt Weapon Vivec, St. Delyn Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise Faralenu Henim  
Conjuration Ald'ruhn Temple Methal Seran  
Destruction Piernette's Farmhouse Just east of the Farmhouse Leles Birian  
Enchant Indoranyon Stronhold Near Exit Qorwynn  
Hand-to-Hand Holamayan Monastery Lower Level, South-West Bedroom Taren Omothan  
Heavy Armour Vivec, Arena Fighter's Training Seanwen  
Illusion Sadrith Mora Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Erer Darothril  
Light Armour Maar Gan Andus Tradehouse Aerin  
Long Blade Molag Marr Armiger's Stronghold Ulms Drathan  
Marksmanship Falasmaryon Stronghold Missun Akin's Hut Missun Akin  
Medium Armour Tel Fyr Docks Cinia Urtius  
Mercantile Zainab Camp Ababael's Yurt Ababael Timsar-Dadisun  
Mysticism Sadrith Mora Gateway Inn Ardarume  
Restoration Vos Chapel Yakin Bael  
Security Balmora Hecerinde's House Hecerinde Sells Secret Grandmaster picks/probes, Thieves Guild
Short Blade Balmora Luck Lockup Cornerclub Todwendy  
Sneak Gnaar Mok Druegh-Jigger's Rest Wadarkhu  
Sneak Caldera Shenk's Shovel Ri'Shajirr  
Spear Ghostgate Tower of Dusk, Lower Level Mertis Falandas  
Speechcraft Sadrith Mora Wolverine Hall, Mages Guild Skink-in-Tree's Shade 80+ disposition required, Mages Guild
Unarmored Dagon Fel Vacant Tower Khargol gro-Boguk

Threads for the Morag Tong
1. Sanguine Enterprise: Eno Hlaalu has it.
2. Glove of Sanguine Horny fist: Guril Retheran in the Flowers of Gold cornerclub
   in Vivec Redoran section
3. Sanguine Glib Speech: Shotherra at Thongar's in Khuul. You'll have to taunt
   her to make her attack or it's a crime. She doesn't say anything about it.
   Just kill her.
4. Sanguine Golden Wisdom: Talis Veran at Ebernanit. Go to Valenvaryon and head
   straight southeast. Valenvaryon is on the map that came with the game near the
  Urshilaku camp.
5. Sanguine Green Wisdom: Gnaw Tooth at Ald Daedroth northwest of the Ahemmusa
6. Sanguine Smiting: Domba is with Gnaw Tooth
7. Sanguine Impaling Thust: Gluronk gra-Shula on the secong floor of Sadrith
   Mora's Gateway Inn. Peaceful guy. Taunt him so you don't get in trouble.
8. Sanguine Leaping: Dro'Zaymer in Canal South-Three in Vivec's St Delyn canton
9. Sanguine Safekeeping: Inganar at Ularradallaku. Hard to find. Enter Ghostgate
   and work your way northwest to the Dwemer ruin Endusal. The Ghostfence will be
   on your left. Head north across a swinging bridge and the shrine is on your
   left a little ways down the road If you look on the map that came with the
   game, find Dagoth Ur and look just left of it. There is a drawing of the
   bridge you will need to find. It took me about an hour or hour and a half of
   wandering around inside Ghostfence to find it.
10. Sanguine Silver Wisdom: Earmil in Assurnabitashpi west of the Urshilaku camp
11. Sanguine Unseen Wisdom: Erundil in Indoranyon. It's on the paper map norht of
   Tel Aruhn.
12. Sanguine Stalking: Thovasi Alen in the shrine of Assarnatamat. In the
    ashlands northeast of Balmora.

The other 15 threads are obtained by doing the special duties quests.

13. Sanguine Fleetness: Hrodris at the Halfway Inn in Pelagiad. You can persuade
    her to give it to you or kill her. Your choice. It's a murder if you don't
    taunt her.
14. Sanguine Denial: Movis Darys. In a Mage's Guild, but don't remember which
    one. Eno tells you though.
15. Sanguine Martial Craft: Carecalmo at Ashalmimilkala. It's on an island West
    of Balmora.
16. Sanguine Sublime Wisdom: Anel Rethelas at Yasammidian. It's West of Ald
    Velothi. If you look on your paper map it's near the top all the way to the
    west of the map. The shrine is near the dwemer ruins it shows on the map.
17. Sanguine Stolid Armor: Mindeli Saren at Yasammidian
18. Sanguine Sureflight: Durus Marius at the Dark Brotherhood base underneath the
    St. Olms canton in Vivec. Can't miss the guarded door.
19. Sanguine Hewing: Durus Marius
20. Sanguine Balanced Armor: Relas Arothan next to Durus Marius
21. Sanguine Deep Biting: Relas Arothan
22. Sanguine Nimble Armor: Severa Magia at Ald Sotha. Look on your map . It's
    right next to Vivec tot he northeast
23. Sanguine Swift Blade: Severa Magia
24. Sanguine Fluid Evasion: Severa Magia
25. Sanguine Red Wisdom: Llandrale Varam at Ald Sotha
26. Sanguine Transcendence: Llandrale Varam at Ald Sotha
27. Sanguine Transfiguring: Llandrale Varam at Ald Sotha

Propylon Indexes:
Andasreth: in Hlomaren, dome, on a shelf
oBerandas: Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen's place, on a shelf
Hlomaren: Caldera, pawn-shop, on the windowstill (you can also buy it)
Valenvaryon: Urushilaku camp, wise woman's tent, on a table
Falasmaryon: Maar Gan, shrine of the magic rock, lying before the rock
Falensarano: Maelkashishi shrine, Forgotten galeries, topmost landing
Rotheran: Rotheran, communal hut, carried by Rols Ienith
Indoanyon: Tel Fyr, Divas Fyr's room, on a table AFAIR
Telasero: Telasero, lower level, in a coffin
Marandus: Vivec, St. Olms temple, Store-room

                   ~where to find vampires~
alen ancestral tomb (AT)-quarra-west gash region
dulo AT- aundae-molag amur region
hleran AT-quarra-west gash region
othrelas AT-berne-ascadian isles region
raviro AT-berne-azura coast region
Sarethi AT-aundae-sheogorad region
serano AT-quarra-ashlands region

-Volrina quarra is in Drushcati in the Ashlands
-Berne is in Galom Daeus in Molag Amur
-Aundae is in Ashmalech in Sheogorad.

I think that is it, may have missed a few ancestral tombs but the big guys & the clan are in Drushcati, Galom Daeus and Ashmalech.

Ashmalech is located in Sheogorad (2,19)
The only reference is to head directly north staying true as possible in a direct line from Red mountain until you come to an area of islands with an island that has a path in it and hills on both sides of the path. There will be shrooms a plenty and near a large shroom will be the entrance to Ashmalech-Aundae Clan homebase

Galom Daeus is located in Molag Amur (8,0)
It is located in the ruins, north of which will be another set of ruins. In front of the entrance to the observatory is a lava pit (That should be easy to spot)-Ya found the Berne Clan hold

Drushcati is probably the easiest to find since it is in the Ashlands region (-6,17) It is also in the ruins. I think there will be an Orc barbarian out front and a scamp will attack you. To the southeast will be another set of ruins as well as to the northeast. You'll know exactly when you find the Quarra clan hold when you spot dead stilt rider shells lying about.

The NPCs inside will wail on your ass if you're not a vampire of the same blood as they (assumed) or if you're not a vampire at all. So if you wanna be a vamp just visit the correct tomb and have them wail on your ass there.